2017 Programs

2/2/17Lung Cancer Master ClassDallas, TX
Program Topic: Co-Chair; Faculty: Stage IV NSCLC: Current & Emerging Treatment Options
Event Info: Oncology Learning Center
2/10/17prIMO conferenceMaui, HI
Program Topic: Stage IV NSCLC: So Many Options, How Do I Choose?
Event Info: PrimO Meeting
2/12/17prIMO conferenceMaui, HI
Program Topic: Changing Physician/Patient Dynamics in the Era of Personalized Medicine and Social Media
Event Info: PrimO Meeting
2/14/17Immunotherapy in Lung CancerSeattle, WA
Program Topic: Immunotherapy in NSCLC: Translating Trial Data to Clinical Practice
Event Info: Prime Oncology
2/21/1717th Annual Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer Conf.Santa Monica, CA
Program Topic: Debate: Are we curing patients with immune checkpoint inhibitors? Yes
Event Info: IASLC Endorsed Event
3/9/17Immunotherapy Master ClassDallas, TX
Program Topic: Debate: Immunotherapy should be discontinued after a fixed duration in prolonged responders
Event Info: Oncology Learning Center
3/9/17Immunotherapy Master ClassDallas, TX
Program Topic: Debate: First line immunotherapy is only appropriate for patients with high PD-L1 expression
Event Info: Oncology Learning Center
4/4/17Lung Cancer: State of the Science SummitSeattle, WA
Program Topic: Chair; Faculty: Update in ALK and specific mutations
Event Info: OncLive (PDF)
6/3/17 7-9 PMASCO CME SymposiumSheraton Grand Chicago, Chicago, IL
Program Topic: ALK-Positive NSCLC: Emerging Strategies to Inform Sequencing, Optimize Outcomes, and Address Unmet Clinical Needs Along the Disease Continuum.
Event Info: ASCO CME Symposium
6/4/17 7-9 PMASCO CME SymposiumHilton Chicago, Chicago, IL
Program Topic: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in NSCLC Care: Experts Address Clinical Challenges to Clarify Optimal Use
Event Info: ASCO CME Symposium
6/23-6/24/17Lung Cancer Expert Think TankWashington, DC
Program Topic: Moderator, Thoracic Oncology: Expert Insights and Outlook Across the Clinical Continuum
Event Info: N/A
7/14/17Best of Miami ASCOMiami, FL
Program Topic: State of the Art Molecular Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer and the Influence of Social Media
Event Info: Best of ASCO
7/27/17Immunotherapy for NSCLC – Long Beach Memorial Hospital – Long Beach, CA
Program Topic: Expert Perspectives on Immunotherapy for NSCLC: Practical Guidance and Recommendations
Event Info: N/A
7/31/17EGFR Mutant LC Therapies – Loma Linda University Healthcare – Loma Linda, CA
Program Topic: Choosing Therapies for Patients with EGFR Mutant Lung Cancers
Event Info: N/A
8/19/17Breathe Deep Seattle – Seattle, WA
Program Topic: How Can Patients Become Active Participants in their Care?
Event Info: LUNGevity Seattle
8/26/17Asian Lung Health Fair – Bellevue, WA
Program Topic: Lung Cancer Patterns in the Asian Population: Prevention and Treatment
Event Info: Seattle Lung Health Fair
9/16/17GRACE Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer Patient Forum – Cleveland, OH
Program Topic: “EGFR Breakout” and “Avoiding Fake News: Finding Trustworthy Cancer Info Online”
Event Info: Lung Cancer Patient Forum
10/21/1710th Annual Personalized Therapies and Best Clinical Practices for Lung Cancer – Los Angeles, CA
Program Topic: Predicting Who Will Benefit More or Less from Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer?
Event Info: TBA
10/23/17Immune Therapies for Cancer Master Class – Dallas, TX
Program Topic: Should All Patients Have PD-L1 Testing in Initial Workup of Advanced NSCLC?
Event Info: TBA
11/11/172nd Annual Symposium on the Integration of Immune and Targeted Therapies into Standards of Care for Solid and Hematologic Malignancies – San Francisco, CA
Program Topic: Optimal Treatment Options for Initial Treatment and Acquired Resistance in Patients with EGFR or ALK-Positive NSCLC
Event Info: TBA
Fall, 2017Personalized Therapies in Lung CancerTBD
Program Topic: Chair
Event Info: TBD

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