Swedish Cancer Institute

My oncology clinic is at Swedish Cancer Institute, where I focus on treating patients with thoracic and genitourinary cancers.   In addition to my own specialty of medical oncology, we provide a collaborative, multidisciplinary strategy for patients.   Patients also often have the opportunity to receive novel therapies through participation in a wide range of clinical research studies.

Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE)

GRACE is a nonprofit organization that I founded in 2007 as an efficient means by which patients and caregivers could have free  access to very timely, detailed information directly from cancer experts about the current and emerging best treatments, so that they can become active, engaged participants in their own care.  Starting with my own personal effort to provide blog posts, podcasts, and a question & answer forum focused initially on lung cancer, GRACE has gradually expanded to incorporate dozens of experts in a growing array of cancer subtypes.  We now provide information to over 10,000 people in over 120 countries every month who have been touched by cancer.

Beacon Medical Interchange

Beacon Medical Interchange is a venture founded in 2016 by Dr. Jack West to facilitate communication of medical experts with industry leaders on the evolution of medical care trends in general and cancer management in particular. Focusing on issues ranging from behavioral economics and decision-making based on emerging data to trends such as telemedicine, social media, and the growing role of algorithm-based interventions, Dr. West facilitates data collection and moderates interactive meetings, advisory boards, producing summary reports of current and projected market analysis.


I serve on Medscape’s faculty with a target audience of other oncologists, providing regular content on lung cancer that includes commentary about new publications in the field of lung cancer, as well as my own blog there, Blowing Smoke.