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Recent Media


My TEDx talk on how cancer patients and caregivers are becoming educated partners in their own care, fundamentally changing the dynamic of oncology.

Discovery Channel

I participated on a panel for a Discovery Channel program on Individualized Therapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

How Immunotherapy is Changing Practice

Learn how immunotherapy is changing practice in lung cancer, from a presentation at the Seattle Science Foundation.


Cancer Growth Rate and Managing Slow-Growing Lung Cancers

Special management considerations for indolent lung cancers that may not require treatment or are at risk for “over-treatment.”

Recent West Points

Faces vs. Data: Protecting Ourselves to Death

I just saw an an excellent talk by Juan Enriquez at the TEDMED meeting I just attended, on the subject of “What is the missing measure in medicine?”. Specifically, his central point was that we focus on the risk of harm from treatments: the baby victims of thalidomide are etched on our collective memories, with a...

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The Trajectory of Cancer Care Economics: What's the Opposite of Moore's Law? (West's Law)

Many people know Moore's Law, that the number of transisitors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years, or the concept that the cost of computer technology decreases steadily as the capabilities increase.  For the technology world, the economic model is planned obsolescence: I'm lucky if I can go two years...

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Telemedicine's Tipping Point

Though telemedicine hasn't really become mainstream yet, I think we're on the cusp of this approach reaching a tipping point. Though the grumbling has been that there has been smoldering interest in telemedicine for a long time, it continues to fly under the radar, with its devoted following, but only the leading edge. That said, we...

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